How can we reach the Villa or the Cottage?

A full description of the itinerary will be sent to you by mail. There will also be contact numbers in case you get lost…but do not worry: it almost never happens! Do not forget to take the description with you when you start your trip enclosing it to your flight tickets or passport.

What happens when we arrive: is there somebody waiting for us?

Yes, we will personally welcome you at arrival! But consider that probably we have other Guests coming, so be as precise as possible to communicate your time of arrival, preferably 1 or 2 hours before arrival.

How can we get some references from previous Guests?

We recommend to take a look to our Guests’ Book: there you find the comments of almost every Guest. “Almost” because sometimes they forget to write it down. For privacy reasons names do not appear.

Do you accept credit cards or other payments?

MasterCard, Visa, Paypal, Bank Tranfers and cash are welcome. Remember you will find a safe in every apartment.

Which are the most common Extras that are not included in the weekly price?

The final cleaning and the heating cost. These are the most common Extras. The final cleaning cost is normally communicated to you by e-mail and you can also find it on our website. The heating cost is calculated on consume basis at current cost of the gas or electricity.

Are we allowed to bring our dog or cat?

They are very welcome in all Apartments. Consider it will be possible other dogs or cats will be here, so if your dog has a “strange” behaviour with others, just tell us before. In any case you should tell us when you make a reservation with your “Best Friend”.

Do we have a private entrance?

Every Apartment has its own private entrance. You will also have a private patio for personal use only, very near to your Apartment, for relaxing and out-dinner. We try to offer as much privacy as possible.

Of what consists the common area?

The entire garden, the swimming-pool area and in general all spaces that are not expressly reserved for you. The outside area is so spacious that it rarely happens to disturb or even meet each other. ATTENTION: the Pool is not guarded!

Do we have to bring sheets and towels?

Sheets, bath-towels, one pool-towel and everything necessary for daily use in the Kitchen, are furnished once a week. At your arrival your do not have to bother about the beds: they will be ready! For the sofa-bed you will find clean sheets and towels. If you know you will use the sofa-bed, let us know before your arrival so that we can prepare extra-sheets.

Is there a private parking place?

Yes, one parking-place for your car is available near your apartment. Parking-places are not guarded.

When is the checking -in and -out time?

Checking-In is possible from 4 PM, and checking-out before 10 AM. In case you have special requests, let us know as soon as possible. If you know you will be late, please call us.

How is the kitchen equipped?

Manuela is a very good cooker, and she can’t imagine a kitchen that is not really fully well equipped with even more than basic utensils.

When do shops normally open and close?

It depends on winter and summer time. Normally shops open at 9 AM and close at 7/8 PM. Many supermarkets don’t close during the day and in case they are closed between 1 PM to 3/4 PM. On Sunday they are normally closed, even if many are open Sunday morning. It’s important if you arrive late on Saturday.

What do we need to have with us in case we arrive when shops are closed?

In you Kitchen you usually will find salt, pepper, vinegar…(with the compliments of previous guests!), but beverages, butter, meat, eggs, bread, biscuits, coffee, dish-washer tabs and extra toilet and kitchen paper …etc have to be bought by you. Let us know if you need any help for your first food buy: we will help you!